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30,000 people die every year in Malawi from issues caused by dirty water.

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Our History

In 2007, another organization that Victor is on the Board for, Here’s Life Africa, started drilling water wells in Tanzania. But they found that ground was too hard, they had to drill too deep to reach any water, and the rig they had couldn't handle these conditions. Then, someone suggested they try drilling in Malawi. There they found that the ground was easier to drill through, and they didn’t have to drill as far down, only about 45-50 feet, to reach clean water. After drilling a few wells in Malawi in 2008, Here’s Life decided that is was not a project that their organization would continue permanently.

Victor decided that he wanted to continue to drill the water wells in Malawi, and he began to organize Clean Water for Malawi. He received our 501(3)(c) non-profit status in February of 2011. Not long after that, a team went over and started drilling wells. They hired a crew and trained some locals to drill the wells for us. We buy all of the equipment and parts for the wells there in Malawi.

Maintenance of the wells is emphasized with the villages to ensure long-term production of clean water. We ask the Chief of each village to be in charge of taking care of the well. And because our drilling crew is local they can call them anytime they need repairs. We gather demographic information on all of the villages and take before and after pictures of their current water source and the new once it is completed. We send that information to the group or individual that sponsored the well and post all of that information on our website. VisitSee The Wellstab.

If you would like more information about our organization or what we are doing in Malawi, please contact us.



Victor P. Smith, President

Wyatt Emmerich, Vice President

David H. Beard, Secretary/Treasurer

Bridgett Kellum-Moore, Executive Director

William M. Boykin, Jr.

Delaney Crawley

Liza Cirlot Looser

Jay & Sherry Chance

Jan King

Mike Price

Justin Karas

Ben Gowdey

McCall Aldridge