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Total number of wells drilled in Africa


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30,000 people die every year in Malawi from issues caused by dirty water.

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CWFM Starts Repairing Existing Wells

It's been an exciting and busy three months at Clean Water for Malawi. Our Mzuzu team, all Malawians, have been repairing ten wells a month in north Malawi. We've found that over the years, wells would be drilled but the villagers lacked the ability to maintain them, not knowing where or how to get parts. We have thus instituted a new program of well sustainability. Sometimes all that is needed are inexpensive gaskets to have the well-functioning again. Repairing an existing well that is non-functional does as much good as drilling a new well for much less cost. Figuring that each well serves and average of 500 villagers, our 50 repaired wells for the first five months of this year has brought clean water to 25,000 people.

Posted by Clean Water For Malawi on 7/6/2016 1:35:00 PM