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30,000 people die every year in Malawi from issues caused by dirty water.

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Ukwe Clinic & School

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Clean Water for Malawi

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April 21, 2012


This small Hospital helps more than 3000 patients per month. It was built about 30 years ago and the Government promised to give them a well but never fulfilled it. It helps deliver about 76 babies per month, sometimes more than that. The patients have to bring water from their homes when they come to the Hospital. It is very close to the Ukwe Primary School, about 400 meters, and the children will also enjoy the clean water from this well.

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We’re drilling wells in Malawi, saving lives in one of the poorest nations in the world.


Population: 15.8 million85% live in rural areas52% live on less than $1 a day63% do not have clean water