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30,000 people die every year in Malawi from issues caused by dirty water.

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February 29, 2012


Mkwezalamba Village has a population of 41 families. Their water is not good, it looks very milky. The villagers share the water with their cattle. When the people come first they always finish all the water and the cattle have to wait until the level of water is up. When the cattle drink first, they always finish all the water and the people have to wait. Many of the Villagers believe that there is no problem to drink from the same water with the cattle, because the cattle is the source of meat. Cholera claimed three children last year. Some people get ticks from the cattle which drink their blood.

Mkwezalamba Village is in Chiimba Area. The villagers are very happy to have a well now. When we visited they started singing and dancing and thanking God for the water He has provided for them. They gave us a big, warm welcome, and told us they wanted us to feel like we were at home. They were so happy to see us, and the Chief asked us if we could drill a well in all of his villages.

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We’re drilling wells in Malawi, saving lives in one of the poorest nations in the world.


Population: 15.8 million85% live in rural areas52% live on less than $1 a day63% do not have clean water